Birth of  two Micro-Finance Units

2016 saw the birth of two micro finance at  Appapada leprosy Colony. Each group consists of 12 members. Mrs. Madravatha played a key role in supporting the Karuna team and gathering the rest of the members. With the success of these two groups,  one more group is getting ready to register and start functioning along with the existing groups.

The Karuna team is a great inspiration to the women and now the women are becoming an inspiration to each other. In March this year, the Karuna team gained confidence inaugurated two more microfinance groups at Trombay Leprosy colony.

To further strengthen the unity and progress among the women the Karuna team celebrated WOMAN’S DAY in both the colonies with great fervor. More than 50 women participated in both the colonies. The Karuna team was overjoyed at the enthusiasm with which the women participated. We gave gifts and roses to felicitate the women in both the colonies.


The leaders of the microfinance group and the members thanked Karuna team for inspiring and giving them the confidence to initiate the groups. The Karuna team has also started tailoring classes in June 2017 at the Appapada Colony.  Fifteen women graduated in the month of December  2017. We have four sewing machines and fifteen ladies are learning to tailor. The teacher alternates between theory and practicals so that each lady gets an hour on the machine. As a result of this course being a success, 5 women have come forward to learn to tailor at the Trombay colony. However, we need sewing machines to start the classes immediately.  The team and the women are very eager to commence the classes.

“Now we have 5 Microfinance groups, 2 groups in Appapada and 3 groups in Trombay colony.”

“New tailoring classes will begin in Trombay colony from the first week of April”.

If anyone would like to donate a sewing machine please do get in touch with us DONATE