Bringing joy in the twilight years



“Joy in the sunset years of life” – To provide a home with complete loving care to the destitute helpless Elderly women and in doing so restore their dignity. Endeavoring to give joy to the elderlies in the sunset years of their lives


When Clara, the lady and visionary behind KRUPA was 15 yrs old she used to see the ‘ helpless & rejected’  elderly  ladies and  her heart used to feel very burdened  and pained for them, thinking how difficult it is for them . However she couldn’t do anything for them. She got married had four children. In 1988 she lost her husband. After a couple of years the desire to help these old ladies once again got kindled in her heart.

In 1993 she started visiting the slum areas. One day she found one elderly lady in a very small  hut,  there was nothing else in that hut except half of it was stacked with firewood’s. She saw that the lady whose name was Chandrabai,  was asthmatic, underweight, bent over, sick, undernourished & dirty. Clara invited her home and offered to bathe her which she gladly accepted. Clara bathed her and gave her some food to eat. Soon Chandrabai began to spend her day in Clara’s home, having her meals and tea and returned back to her hut in the night with her Kerosene lamp being refilled by Clara.


During the monsoon season half of her hut got flooded with water. Clara discussed with her children & decided to take Chandrabai inside her home. The children were very happy about it.She used to sleep next to Clara on the floor. Clara shared whatever she had in the home, they started caring for her needs. As a result she became very attached to Clara & her family, she started gaining weight and began enjoying life again as part of her family. In this period Chandrabai got healed of Asthma. By this time two more ladies came to spend the day at Claras during the day time.

Seeing her noble selfless work and her sense of calling to help these women, Stepping Stones , which was known to Clara decided to help her on in this noble cause. So in the year 1996 a 2 bedroom flat was hired on rent to care for these ladies. Slowly volunteers from the community started to get involved in this work. Clara was very happy to see these ladies in this home, happy & independent.  Clara handles them with much love to give them dignity.



That we to do

  • .Our aim is primarily to provide a home for the destitute elderly women.
  • We’ve also opened up  our care to provide a home for the elderly who have relatives but are unable to look after them due to genuine reasons. This service is chargeable.
  • We do not want to increase the number of elderlies beyond 14 to 15 (also depending on the capacity of the premises) as we want to maintain the Home atmosphere and avoid an institutional or a Hospital like atmosphere.
  • Currently the home is looking after 9 elderlies. They are served and cared for by a staff of 6 ladies working on a rota basis. The aim is to have at least 2 staff members in the home at any given time.
  • Our desire is to care for elderly men to but currently we don’t have the necessary staff for it.


Events held by KRUPA

  • Birthdays are celebrated of the elderlies (A birthday is allotted to the ones who don’t know their date of birth!)
  • Visit to the local parks, Picnics and a visit to the local cinema as well!
  • Meal in a restaurant
  • Picnic for the staff members
  • People come to do events in the Home : People to celebrate their birthday with the elderlies; Group of school children had come to celebrate grandparents day with the elderlies
  • Thanksgiving and honoring day – Where the staff , volunteers and supporters are thanked and honored




I used be giddy, with back bent always walking with the help of a stick.. but after coming here I have become strong , my back has straightened and I walk without the help of stick.



I was rejected and left alone by my step children, struggling wit Asthama… but after coming here I have found love and home and my Asthma has gone.



I had bad arthritis and I couldn’t walk but after coming here my arthritis has been under control, I can walk and I am enjoying life with the other elderlies




Every birthday is celebrated with gusto!

“Compassion automatically invites you to relate with people because you no longer regard people as a drain on your energy.”

— Chogyam Trungpa

Clara bringing out the child in our elderly.
Fancy dress at the home.

“It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.”

— Mother Theresa

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