Krupa update 2023

Warm greetings to you!

Our winter is finally here. It has been a while since the last newsletter from Krupa Home.

Life at Krupa home continues through ups & downs, joys & pain. Every effort is made by Clara & the team towards giving much joy to the elderly ladies in the sunset years of their life.



Relaxing and relishing mangoes





Independence Day.



They enjoy special meals as treats apart from the normal ones.



 Krupa re-opened its doors to visitors post covid lockdown restrictions.


Some who were sick, recovered well with medicines & overall care.One of them had a fall and had a crack on her femur great care & medication she has done remarkably well without surgery.bone. With

Suman Passed away after having lived good life at the home.




One elderly Sulochana has embraced Krupa as her own home & the other elderlies as her family. She would voluntarily keep her room clean, help the others by clearing the table, washing the bowls, even going out regularly to sweep the dried leaves in the back garden. She has been amazingly kind & lovingly caring towards the elderly who had broken her femur. Which has been so beautiful.




Krupa continues to reach out to the elderlies in their own locality. Where they gather eagerly around the Krupa team.