Educating Today for a Better Tomorrow



We are a group of like-minded people that believe in giving back to society what we have received. Pragati was born in our hearts in 2020 when we wanted to do something to uplift the lives of children.

The actual work began in Dec 2021 where started teaching underprivileged kids spoken and written English. In Mira-Road, Mumbai we cater to about 180 children from class 1 to class 7

We aim to partner with society to facilitate and sustain a conducive environment for the development of socio-economically deprived sections of the society. Our special emphasis is on imparting education, empowerment skill development, value inculcation. We envision the poor growing in character and stature, regardless of their economic, cultural and racial backgrounds.
The school has 180 + students from Std 1 to 7 and our current focus is to teach them reading, writing and speaking English and Computer Education.




We aim to do

Our aim to teach kids spoken and written English, equip teachers to teach English, computer education, encourage children that drop out after class 7 to opt for distant learning through NIOS & IGNU and many more aspects that will empower children to live better lives.





In the last 3 months and in collaboration with the Principal of the government-aided school, we have oriented and envisioned teachers to learn the skill of spoken and written English communication. We have started teaching kids English, and we also have a cupboard set up at the school with all the learning aid that is required to run this initiative successfully. 

After a long wait for the COVID situation to subside, we kick started the project with a Christmas party in Dec ’21.
We played a few games , served snacks and gave them gifts.
The children were very happy and the teachers and the principal enjoyed it too.
We have started teaching English reading & writing using phonics with the help of videos and other teaching aids.
While this is quite new to them, the children are very eager to learn. The play way method of teaching that we implemented makes it very exciting for them.
For the first time the kids have acess to so many story books. Even though they cannot read, they enjoy looking at the pictures.
Children are also learning simple English action songs.

It is challenging to control so many children and to teach them the basic things like raising their hands when they want to speak or say excuse me teacher when they want to speak, nonetheless it’s a treat to see their faces beaming with joy each morning.

The teachers are very cooperative
and the Principal has encouraged them to learn to speak English and to be trained to teach phonics. The Principal asked us if more teachers can work with other schools with a similar vision. This is where with the support our generous donors we will be able to make a difference to hundreds of children.

It has been a great start, and we look forward to seeing a lot of progress in the students. 

Our teacher Sarita Pissurlenker is a Masters in Science with over 30 years of teaching experience, she is very  passionat when it comes to teaching underprivileged children and has devoted a large part of her life in serving the community.

Pragati Project: Impact

From the day Sarita Madam started spoken English classes in our school, we have seen a drastic change in our students.


Even students who are usually reluctant have now started showing interest in this subject. The art of teaching by Sarita Madam made a huge change.


Personally, I geel this will be very impactful for our students’ future.



Sharmila Mahajan

Head Teacher, Gramin Vidyalaya, Mira Road

We learn new words and their meanings through pictures on the laptop. I am learning to read English. I like the songs and I enjoy the English class.


– Dev, Student, 7th Std

The vowels were explained nicely.

I learnt the difference between 1 and 2 vowel words. My reading is improving. Also, there was no water connection in the girls’ washroom, and we had to carry buckets.  Now there is plenty of water as the pipeline is fixed.


– Struti, Student, 7th Std


We are thankful to our partners – Aranca, Seclore and Worley for partnering with us to make a difference to the underprivileged kids