Krupa 2023 New Arrivals

We have had some new women join our family.


This elderly lady, an 80-year-old widow had been living in a tin house. According to her most of her assets, be it land or gold were taken away by force or deceit.

With no income source, she had been living on whatever was given by the people in the neighbourhood. A little flour, little vegetable etc. given out of pity.




At Krupa, her new home with her own bed & timely food.



Transformed within few days, has found much Joy! laughs & smiles. She is very special, its like having a grandma around who conducts herself out of her experience & maturity. Also full of gratitude.




This elderly lady over 75, whose mentally unstable husband left her not long after their marriage. After her sisters death she cared for her children. She had  been living with her niece since the last ten years or so. Her niece who is also a widow had to move to another city to earn & also to care for her grandchildren. This elderly was left neglected & at the mercy of other relatives, who gave her food to eat. She gets a small pension from a govt scheme

On her bed  & timely food in her  new home in Krupa!