Christmas at Krupa 2023

Year 2023 is almost passing by and the New Year is just around the corner. Such a lot has happened & so much more is yet to happen. We are so grateful to God for all his goodness and faithfulness towards us, throughout 2023. The elderly continue to enjoy life by the loving care provided by Krupa Home.


Latest Arrival !! This dear elderly, lost her husband to alcohol almost a year back. Her two children never survived beyond six months after birth. Being helpless, she survived on the money she got from begging. Due to some form of pain in the legs, she was unable to walk so she moved with the help of two hands on the ground. Due to bad weather her little hut was damaged so she used to sleep in front of any of the shops shutter in the night.

On her bed  & timely food in her  new home in Krupa!