We have crossed the first six months of 2017. Lots of good things have happened in Krupa Old Age Home as it continues to strive and work hard with consistency to provide much joy to the elderlies in the sunset years of their life.

Update on the lovely ladies :






Sulochana Before

Amazing progress in Sulochana’s physical health : Sulochana was brought to Krupa last year in December. She was found in a desperate state with a broken bone in her forearm and damaged back due to which she was not able to sit properly on a chair nor on the ground. She was very weak.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Sulochana now





Sulochana After

With nutritious meals, proper medical and loving care she slowly began to sit properly. As time went by she started holding on the wall and tried walking along. Today she is able to walkjust with a help of single-stick walker!! She is pleased with herself and is enjoying life.

Janabai looks nice and healthy, its been almost 2 years since she was brought to krupa. Her eldest daughter had come to see her recently (for the first time). Janabai said that she is being looked after very well, healthy and enjoying life and that they don’t have to come and see her!!.

Shashikala, who is not too old to be called an elderly but she is a destitute. She has had a long standing trouble with arthritis. She is slowly getting better.She is feeling good and is found to be helping and caring for the other elderlies

Annapurna has transformed and is looking healthy and is happily enjoying living in Krupa.

Annapurna beforeAnnapurna today

Before                                             After


Birthdays of Arkyoamma and Shashikala were celebrated in krupa. Birthday celebration is something which is really appreciated as many would have never celebrated their birthday at all.cake

Some of them would not even
know their birthdate.


The doctor who does regular visits to Krupa every month said recently, that he is happy with the health status of all the elderlies in Krupa as they are fit and all their levels are good!



 Rotary club members visited krupa. They were touched deeply after listening to each ones story and seeing them so happy and living with dignity.

Some students from the nearby NDMVP Samaj’s College came to visit the elderlies. They sang, danced and got the elderlies to dance along with them, which was great fun. They had brought some snacks and food along with them which they shared with the elderlies. They said that they were very blessed by their time in Krupa.



Together with that we want to say a Big Thankyou!! to all of our valuable Supporters, Partners, Donors, Volunteers and Well wishers.

Residents and volunteers