Self Reliance & Income Generation:

Vast Migration from rural UP to large cities in search of jobs: Men leave the villages to find jobs in places like Mumbai Delhi etc. leaving their families to behind. This incomplete family structure leaves women and children vulnerable and without any headship in the homes.

We have therefore tried to see how best we can help people fend for themselves locally without having to leave their villages. Some of the efforts underway are as follows:


Training in Beauticians course in Ramnagar. Ranju who is also a volunteer with Jeevan Sahara has completed her training as a beautician and is now working towards gaining experience. Her vision to then train girls in the villages around Ramnagar Varanasi to learn the art and then fend for themselves in their own rural settings.

Education and Adult literacy

One of our observations during our various visits in Uttar Pradesh highlighted the problem that children are not sent to school as they should. Also women being illiterate often fall prey to unscrupulous people and money lenders. Girls are made to drop out of school before completing their formal education and hence have nothing to fall back on.

Attempts made so far

Yakub Masiha from Haldwani, Uttarakhand belongs to a family of illiterate laborer’s. He has two young sisters and a brother suffering from muscular weakness both his parents can neither read nor write and work as laborers. Jeevan Sahara has so far been able to assist him in completing his 10th Standard through the NIOS Open Schooling system, he is currently working in Mumbai and trying to complete his XII class through NIOS.

Pankaj Kumar of Allahabad ( A bright and deserving young man) was assisted with finance to complete his final year BSC.

Other stories

Ramesh Sagar a teacher by profession wanted to something to help the children in Azamgargh Purva which is in Baharaich District. His desire was to set up a school with quality education for children in the area. Jeevan Sahara has assisted him to achieve this dream and the first phase of this School has now been completed. Children have also taken admission into the school for the academic year 2016-17.

Sarita Kumari from Annapur Village in Allahabad district, has commenced teaching the illiterate women in her area to read and write this endeavor has just begun and though in the fledgling stage has approx twenty women participating in this program.

Ranju from Ramnagar Varanasi has begun teaching little children to read & write.


Vision Training

In order to get people from Uttar Pradesh to actually get involved in doing work to transform their local areas by playing a role (However small) we felt it would be helpful to conduct  vision training programs for promising young people we met during our various scouting trips in Uttar Pradesh. We have been conducting these programs in Mumbai for the past two years and many of the people mentioned above returned back to their villages envision and have begun to play their part. In making their communities a better place.

These Training programs cover many topics such as :

  1. Youth Envision meeting at Ramnagar (Varanasi)

    Youth Envision meeting at Ramnagar (Varanasi)

    Owning the communities in which we live.

  2. Issues related to health and Hygiene ( a model toilet was built in Baharaich as a result – Jeevan Sahara assisted in this project as one of its first and early ventures.) Topics such as water purification and Healthy- diet is also covered in this section.
  3. The importance of education with emphasis on adult literacy and girl child education is also a crucial part of these vision training.

    Envisioning Training Mumbai

    Envisioning Training Mumbai

  4. The value of work and having a healthy working ethic is yet another topic. It has been observed that many families have just one or two working members while the entire joint families (and sometimes even extended families) depend on the income from these working folk.
  5. Interpersonal relationships between various family members such as Parents and children, Husbands and wives and caring for the elderly are also covered during this training.
  6. The need for self employment and employment generation is also taken up where genuine cases are scrutinized and assisted.
  7. Leadership & Interpersonal skills.

The whole emphasis during these envisioning training  is  to help young people believe in themselves  to make a difference.