Touching Lives in Delhi

We aim to bring relief and a smile by genuine engagement, love and touch.

Our Work

There is much pain in this world …


… and the only way we can ease that pain,
bring relief and a smile is by genuine engagement, love and touch. Sparsh
is a project seeking to touch lives with love  displayed in practical solutions. Running for several years Sparsh is making a difference in many lives.
Sparsh is served by volunteers  South Delhi.

Our Work

Kid's Club

Activites, games, snacks and value education.

Shelter Home Kids

Serving homeless and underprivileged kids

Differently Abled

Training, counselling and skill development.

Kid’s Club

Children from the low income community of Lado Sarai village gather each week for a time of activities, games, and value education. The staff and volunteers touch their lives with genuine care, meeting their great need for love and acceptance. Many of them share their fears and anxieties openly and find much strength and hope at the club.  They all also receive a snack and drink each time they gather. SPARSH also runs a separate club for those who are now teenagers, helping them to mature and live empowered lives in the future.
Shelter Home Kids


Homeless and underprivileged children from age 1 to 15 years are touched through the program at a shelter in the Nizamuddin area of Delhi. Volunteers spend time at the shelter each week, providing colouring activities and value-based cartoon movies. SPARSH also provides notebooks, school materials, footwear, groceries and toiletries to those in need. For children whose parents have opted not to send their children to school, SPARSH provides encouragement and financial assistance in hopes of getting the children enrolled in school and fostering a value for education.
Differently Abled Serving
SPARSH partners with an NGO in Delhi that works with people with disabilities. They are trained, counselled and encouraged related to several of aspects of life. Sessions are organised to develop the skills of these individuals with the goal of revenue generation. There are also fun social activities enjoyed together during Christmas and other Indian festivals.

Our Involvement

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Kid's Club

Kid's Shelter Home

Differently Abled