The Karuna Project Team a part of SSCSĀ  21-04-23 conducted a Leprosy Detection door-to-door survey in 15 homes in two Adivasi brick kilns in Aangoan, Bhiwandi, Thane district. The team also did a medical check-up and treated 19 people. Three women in the age group of 25 – 30 years were detected with leprosy and they have been put on a Multi-Drug Therapy. The team also examined six people at the Primary Health Centre in Aangaon. One 11-year-old boy was deducted with leprosy and has been put on the Multi Drug Therapy. Sadly the boy has developed a deformity in his left hand (clawing of the hand) The team successfully deducted 4 new cases of leprosy and all are being treated. The team would continue to follow up on these new cases