Krupa Home for the elderly has enjoyed great blessings, care & provision in the year 2020. In spite of the pandemic all the elderlies have continued to enjoy life with committed love & care provided by the resilient staff members & Clara who oversees the home. There is so much to be grateful for.

With deep gratitude we want to thank our donors, partners & well-wishers who have given their precious contribution to Krupa Home.

Krupa reaching out with compassion to the needy & rejected in their habitation!!

                                                                                                               -By Clara

I had this longstanding desire in my heart, to visit villages and meet the neglected elderlies & serve them.

Door opened !  A casual staff member  in Krupa shared stories about elderlies being neglected & made to survive on bare minimum in her native village. She shared the painful news of one lady dying helplessly due to extreme cold, inspite of her children living close by.

This seemed the appropriate time for me to step out and do something for them as they were in real need. Filled with compassion, along with two staff members, with four sacks of blankets & clothings,  with the determination to visit and care for these elderlies,  I embarked on a Day trip by car to the village situated in Jalna Dist– 7 & half hr journey each way! Altogether 15 hrs.

 Pained on reaching!

  • Most of the elderly were living separately in huts, with their relatives living in the vicinity. Left to fend for themselves, once in two days drawing water from the well for personal use.
  • The floor in one elderly’s hut was wet and she had been sleeping on that, with just a sheet to cover.
  • Met one elderly couple living in a sad condition in their hut. Having just an open sack to sleep on. The man being blind managing with help from his wife. They have 3 sons, who were raised well, educated & now they are settled in Mumbai.

It was a great joy and satisfaction as we managed to distribute  Blankets, Bedsheets, Scarves, Sweaters & a thin mattress amongst 10 ladies & two men.

The elderly couple was a bit skeptical & worried because of their past experience with some people coming to show concern and expecting money in return.

After seeing the love and generous giving without any expectations in return. These were their words – “ Giving freely expecting nothing, this should be God. Feels like God as visited us to help us in our need “

Feeling deeply fulfilled & satisfied after seeing their faces beam with smiles we started on our return journey. One of them even wanted to come along but I asked her to stay back for now.

“You seem so elderly yourself & yet you are doing all of this. In my eyes you are young! I was sleeping all this while but after seeing you I a provoked to do something for the needy” – Taxi driver who drove us back & forth.

There are plans to do more to visit more elderlies to serve them & care for them. With a heart to bring a smile & joy in the sunset years of their lives.