Krupa Celebrated its 23rd Anniversary of being in a premise exclusively for the Elderlies. Prior to that, the true beginning  of Krupa was in Claras home (where she lived on rent).

Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

First Lady Chandrabai in Claras Home

Moving into our own Home

In the years gone by, Krupa has reached out & cared for about 50 elderly, including the present ones. Many folks joined as staff – some stayed for a longer period & some for a shorter, each giving their valuable contribution towards caring for the Elderlies that were present around their time.

A glimpse from the past !

Pics of Elderlies Before (on the left) & After (on the right) coming to Krupa. These are  pictures of Chandrabai, Asrabai, Arkyoamma and Banabai beofre and after. Look at the transformation.

A gallery of our celebration