What we have achieved so far

Project Anugrah

Anugrah was started in 2000 when we went there to meet a friend. When we saw the plight of the people there we felt we should do something about it.

So we started playing games with the children and teaching them to have good values such as honesty and not fighting but telling the truth and enjoying the game.

Soon we realized that the children needed more than just games they needed a good education so we started tuitions for them to help them with their studies. The slum where the children live is not a very good place to help them study so we made a study centre where they could come and have peace to study.

However as the number of children grew the place was not enough and also the condition of the room was not conducive for healthy learning so we build “Anugrah Center” for education.

Now we run 2 batches of tuitions one in the morning and one in the evening. We teach students from the 1st standard till the 10th standard. We have children from age 4 till age 18.

We teach all subjects and give special attention to the weaker students who need special attention. We also teach them computers, tailoring, dance, drama, singing, drawing, craft etc. etc. We also plan to teach them wiring, plumbing, mason and any other handy work.

We are looking at a nutrition program for small children. We would also like to provide for all the children when funds permit.



We are taking tuitions for 50 children on an average in 2 batches. One in the morning and one in the evening. There are students from all classes that is from 1st till 10th .

The children are being taught all subjects. Special emphasis is being given to English and English speaking.

So far at least 300 children have been taught at the center.

24 students have passed their 10th and 1 has completed his MA. Many of those who have passed and some who have even failed their 10th have helped in educating the children.

Many of those who have passed out have found better jobs because they are able to read and write.

The children of the higher classes are learning basic computer skills in word excel and powerpoint. Some are taking interest in hardware as well.

Saturday is a day for extracurricular activities. On this day the children do drawing, dancing, craft, drama and play intelligent games. Each day before leaving the children for their homes they are given 2 biscuits.

Occasionally we have a medical checkup for the children.

Adult literacy for about 5 adults happens twice a week. There are about 7 in the Stitching classes. Many have basically learnt to stitch their own clothes.

We conduct weekly meetings with ladies to teach them hygiene and basic living skills like how to bring up children and live with their husbands.

In doing all this we are hoping to bring real transformation to their lives and community.