Karuna Project December 2018

Eating an orange or cutting our nails may not be a big deal for most of us but it is for this man. Ramanna is 80 plus and is affected by leprosy. His health has been deteriorating these days. He also suffers from eczema, as a result, he has been scratching his body, creating open wounds, and delaying the healing process. Karuna team on our routine visit found this out and promptly cut his nails. While some of us chatted with him, one member cut his nail.

On our visit the next week, he looked much better sitting out in the sun. As we approached him, he lifted both his hands and thanked the Karuna team. He also expressed a longing to eat an orange or a sweet lime. One of our staff quickly got him both the orange and the sweet lime. He gave one glance into the bag and he gave a bright smile. These, are some small gestures we do to show that we really care and this means a lot to someone like Ramanna.