The Story as narrated by her –  Laxmi ( name has been changed ) was living with her husband and daughters in a small town in Maharashtra. Husband worked hard and provided for the family, both husband and wife cared for the daughters. Daughters grew up and they were married off. After few years Laxmi’s husband passed away and one of the daughters came to stay with Laxmi along with her husband and children.

After a while, the daughter started mistreating her and beating her. Soon she asked her mother to leave the house saying she didn’t have enough food to feed her own family and how could she look after her!

Laxmi left the house and roamed around in search of food and some sort of shelter. She stayed at the local temple area living of the mercies of people who gave her few rupees or some food.

Laxmi at Nashik Road railway station

A lady known to one of our staff members brought her to Nashik with the hope of finding some sort of proper care and shelter for her. She left Laxmi at the Nashik Road railway station for some days. Finally, Krupa was approached and soon Clara sent some staff members for investigations and found that Laxmi’s condition was genuine and she was in desperate need of food, shelter, and medical care.

She was brought to Krupa home! With a new home, timely food and overall care, she has brightened up in an amazing way. Very watchful and wise thinker, she amazes Clara with her watchful wise words.

Laxmi is now a happy resident of Krupa.