Tailoring Classes In Trombay

The Karuna Team is excited to start a second Tailoring Class at the Trombay Colony among the people that are affected by leprosy.  This is a step towards sustainable livelihood and empowerment. The tailoring class would give the ladies an opportunity to learn a skill that would help them earn an income in the future.  Two new sewing machines were installed to the delight of the ladies who came forward to enroll in the class.

Ten ladies have come forward and five have enrolled in the classes.  One 29th March the Team gave a formal orientation to the ladies and the tailoring teacher.  The classes started as planned on the2nd April 2018, .  Thanks to two generous donors we could have these sewing machines. A big thank you to the Colony heads who have allowed us to use the community room for the classes.  Look out for more updates on the progress of the ladies and the Project.