November 2016 In the month of November, 24 children were regular in their attendance. Three teachers taught at Anugrah classes. Besides tuition, the teachers took Drama, Dance and Singing practice for the children to perform for the Parents Day in December. On the 10th of December 2016, a party was organised for the children attending Anugrah classes from 10 am to 2 pm.

 Moti Mangal Hall was hired to have this occasion.The children were very excited for days in advance of this program. They loved this party and they all came with their best clothes. Many games like, Kho-Kho, Crows and Cranes, Musical chairs, etc, were organised for the children by the volunteers. The children enjoyed all of them. This day it’s all fun and no studies.

Sangita one of the children shared “I did not know to read or write Hindi and Marathi. But now due to Anugrah classes, I can read and write both the languages”

Shamu : “I was very weak in Maths but due to Anugrah Classes, I now I am better in Maths.”

A1        After the games and fun, the children were then treated to Chicken Biryani which is their favourite meal. They were very to  the sponsors and the volunteers for giving them this wonderful time. The children were given a break in the afternoon to rest and get ready for another party for their parents, where the children would be performing to entertaa2in them. This is a time where the parents get to see and hear what their children have done the whole year through. This was organised by the Anugrah Tuition volunteers from 6pm to 9pm. The children performed skits, songs with drama, and dances. Some Children also shared stories of how the Anugrah Tuitions have changed their lives.

The parents were so happy and proud to witness their children participate in all the activities to entertain them. These children have never done this is school and never had an opportunity to be on stage and perform. In Anugrah classes, the children are given opportunities and trained to act, dance, sing and be on stage and perform before an audience.The children were given Prizes for their performance for the whole year at the Anugrah Classes.

Tuition and Kids club children were given T. Shirts, blouse, Slippers, Sandals, Exam Pads, Compass box, Purses as per their performance in the classes. The children were called in front of the audience and every parent was given an opportunity to come up and give the children the prizes. The parents being slum dwellers have never had the opportunity to come up in front of an audience and give away prizes. They were so happy and touched and also grateful to Anugrah classes for all that they do for their children and that too for free.