Oct 2016

chaya-support-group-2 A STORY FROM THE SUPPORT GROUP

 Today I feel so good being at the Support Group. My whole life has changed. I use to always make excuses why I couldn’t attend. But later as I joined the other ladies, I who went in discouraged came out of that meeting being very encouraged. I began to hear the stories of the other ladies in a worse condition than me and yet smiling through it all. Here I found life, love, encouragement and acceptance. I thank the Asha team.




Oct 2016


It has been a long standing plan to celebrate the birthdays of our positive friends and make it special for them. This time we surprised two of our positive friends, celebrating their birthdays together, with a small birthday party. The ladies felt grand. At the end of the celebration one of the women said that she hadn’t cut a birthday cake for over 25 yrs and this birthday celebration was a special one for her: “Thank you ‘Asha’ for making me feel very special!”