Krupa Home for the Elderly

Has been enjoying the rented premises of a bungalow with three bedrooms, hall and kitchen with a lovely veranda, all on the ground floor! A spacious garden space all around with good fruit trees in the backyard. Krupa Old peoples home continues to care for the elderly ladies those are under its care and endeavours to give them much joy in the sunset years of their lives.

Each one has a story. Some of outright neglect and rejection by kith and kin, some emotionally neglected while their physical presence was tolerated. Some in the natural process of life are found without any known relative. At Krupa each one is experiencing some joy and security. It is not easy to make life very interesting, however simple games of carom and snakes and ladders are enjoyed by some. Everyone enjoys an occasional picnic or visit to the gardens, birthday and festival celebrations.

Yes! Eyes may be dim, hearing maybe dull but…all of them can sense the atmosphere of love and care

They continue to receive good nutritious food, good medical help, frequent medical check up by doctor and good recreational times as well. Full time staff rally around them caring for them round the clock.

Enjoying a birthday party!

Currently the home is looking after 8 elderlies. They are served and cared for by a staff of 6 ladies working on a rota basis, aim is to have at least 2 staff members in the home at any given time. Two to three more elderlies can be accommodated.

New Arrival !!

On the 11th July we had a new arrival in Krupa. Babanbai Ramlal Chavan an elderly widow, was dropped from a vehicle at Upnagar bus stations at Nashik Road. She moved along and sat on the road side, then was moved along on the foot path. A lady running a tea stall nearby used to feed her with some snacks and tea, in the night she was lifted and put under the tea vendors shed (which only had a temporary roof) in order to protect her from rains. Some young  men were concerned and wanted to help her and even a local newspaper reporter reported this sad story in the local newspaper. The concerned young men got in touch with Krupa through their neighbor.

With a heart of wanting to take this lady and care for her, Clara and her assistant Rosie landed on the spot. Babanbai was very weak, undernourished and smelling. She was taken to Krupa Home!

From living off snacks from merciful folks to timely meals and tea!!From sleeping on the empty plastic sacks to sleeping on proper bed and blanket!! From barely any shelter to a home!!

Sad demise

After enjoying years of loving care in Krupa, sadly Parvatabai passed away this year. So also did Angeline Rodrigues passed away due to prolonged health issues & illness.


Care in last days 

After caring for the wife Radha who had fractured her arm, Krupa reached out and cared for the husband Digambar Moongi in his last days. His only daughter refused to look after him. It was very painful to see him in his sad state. Krupa decided to care for Digambar (85+).

He was taken to the local Cantonment hospital where he was checked and it was found that he was in the last stage of his life. He was given basic medicines and special tonic to keep him going. Since then Clara began visiting him daily, washing & feeding him with soft food. He lived for few more months enjoying the love and care of Krupa together with his wife Radha.


Couple of years back Jannabai was brought to Krupa. Walking with a support of a stick she was undernourished and bent. Now she has become strong and brave and loves to play on the swings and slides in the park!!! And loves to boast about her new found strength saying “I can do anything now”

Annapurna who was brought to Krupa Home late last year. She used to be sad and quiet wanting to be alone and  not mixing with the others. As the days passed by, she began to speak slowly and started mingling with the other elderlies. Now, she loves to sing and dance, enjoys outing and the visit to the local park. She is indeed enjoying life in itself.

Carmina and Arkyomary as
“Mr & Mrs Albert Pinto”

Annapurna as a “Banjaran”

Babanbai as a “Punjabi”

The elderlies continue to enjoy playing Ludo, Carrom, nice walks, nice music and watching television.

Visitors continue to come to celebrate their birthdays with the elderlies in the Home. Singing and sharing food with them.